Reports from Advisors and UN Representatives

Quaterly Bulletin from the Vienna NGO Committee on the family - Loreta Kelbauskaite Serpyte and Wendy Rainbird

Quaterly Bulletin from the Vienna NGO Committee on the family, with articles from our Advisors on Child and Family, Mrs Loreta Kelbauskaite Serpyte, and Habitat, Mrs Wendy Rainbird

Honor Based Violence (HBV), Mohinder Watson

16 Days of Activism against Violence Against Women 2022 : Honor Based Violence
From ICW-CIF UN Geneva Representative, Mohinder Watson. November 2022

Violence Basée sur l'Honneur (VBH), Mohinder Watson

16 Jours d’Activisme contre les violences faites aux femmes 2022 : Violence basée sur l’Honneur
De Mohinder Watson, Représentante à l’ONU Genève pour ICW-CIF. November 2022

Report from Eleonore Hauer-Rona - UNIDO

Report from the 50th Industrial Development Board. By Eleonore Hauer-Rona, UNIDO Representative for ICW-CIF. 

Report 2018-2022 from Nanda Nobile - FAO

Report 2018-2022 from Mohinder Watson - UN Geneva

Report 2018-2022 from Emmy Galama-Rommerts - UN Habitat

Report 2018-2022 from Dr. Elizabeth Carll - UN New York

Report 2018-2022 from Chularat Israngkool Na Ayutthaya and Sirirat Tamrongterakul - UN ESCAP

Report 2018-2022 from Eleonore Hauer-Rona - UN Vienna

Report 2018-2022 from Simonne Mirabel - UNESCO

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