General Assembly

The General Assembly of the International Council of Women meets every three years to evaluate women’s status and development around the world, to assess the activities and progress of ICW affiliates in the promotion of the current triennial theme, as well as to establish the new triennial theme.

The Regional Councils also take the opportunity of this global gathering to hold their meetings. An additional objective of the conference is the strengthening of this global network of women through reinforcing ties of friendship and cooperation among the affiliate members.

Group Avignon General Assembly ICW CIF

2025 : Brisbane, Australia


2022 : Avignon, France

New President : Martine Marendel
Triennal theme : “Women’s empowerment: Peace and Sustainable Development”

2018 : Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Reelection of Dr. Jungsook Kim
Triennal theme: “Social protection for all women and girls: Sustainable development for the world”

2015 : Izmir, Turkey

New President Dr Jungsook Kim
Triennal theme : “Transforming Society through the Empowerment of Women”

2012 : Seoul, Korea

2009 : Johannesburg, South Africa

2006: Kiev, Ukraine

2003 : Perth, Australia

2000 : Helsinski, Finland

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