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My name is Fernanda (Nanda) Nobile. I was born in Rome Italy in 1949 and was appointed  ICW-CIF Permanent Representative to FAO in April 2012. Prior to this appointment I performed leading tasks in the Handling Society at Rome Airport (ICT area and editorial staff). This has been the last job, enclosed a list of previous activities.

The International Non Governmental Organizations (INGO) represented at FAO are requested to advocate and contribute to FAO themes.

During my activity at FAO I assumed the responsibility of the Italian Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition and chaired the press conference of presentation at the Italian Repubblic Senate and at the Political Science Department of University Rome3.

Among many other issues these are the FAO’s themes which I keep on following:

  • Gender Equality and Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment process
  • Soil erosion and desertification
  • Importance of biodiversity for food and agriculture

About these issues I have been invited to attend conferences and symposia .

Up to last year I regularly wrote reports for the ICW-CIF Newsletter about my activity.

Together with other Organizations ICW-CIF is part of the Ad Hoc Group of INGOs at FAO as part of the Civil Society.

Previous Jobs:

  • 1970 Alitalia Flight Assistant
  • 1973 Employee as translator at the Embassy of Tanzania
  • 1974 Messenger at Fao
  • 1978 Employee as translator at Johnson&Johnson
  • 1980 Account Manager at Aeroporti di Roma ICT and ADRTel (ADR Telecommunications Company)
  • 2010 Management Assistant at American Value Tour for Medical Congresses around the world



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