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DATE : 19-06-18 10:30
ECICW Spring General Assembly of 2019
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European Centre of the International Council of Women (ECICW)

  Spring General Assembly of 2019












National Council of Women of Ukraine hosted a memorable General Assembly of ECICW in Kiev and Chernihiv, Ukraine, from May 19 to 23, 2019. This GA also marked the transition of the ECICW Presidency from Cosima Schenk to Brigitte Polonovski, Vice President of NCW France. Delegates of ICW and ECICW attended the welcome dinner hosted by NCW Ukraine at the Hall of official celebrations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


On May 20, the Assembly opened at the Column Hall of Kiev State Administration. Maryna Khonda from the Kyiv State Administration, Cosima Schenk, President of ECICW, Jungsook Kim, President of ICW-CIF and Lyudmylla Porokhnyak, National Council of Women of Ukraine President expresesd their greetings. After lunch at the Kiev City State Administration building the delegates left by bus for a two-day meeting in Chernihiv.


On May 21, the ECICW GA took place in the Conference hall of the Riverside Hotel. Cosima Schenk stressed the importance of participating at the ECICW spring and autumn meetings which enable us to learn from one another and exchange ideas. Jungsook Kim mentioned her trips to Philippines during which she had the opportunity to develop closer relationship with NCs of these countries. The Asia-Pacific conference for Beijing +25 was a great opportunity for her to discuss with other NGO leaders about preparation for the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. Jungsook Kim also expressed great satisfaction with the success of CSW63 side events and parallel events. Brigitte Polonovski also elaborated on the success of NCW France’s events during the CSW63. Martine Marandel illustrated the program of the ECM which will take place in Avignon, France, in 2020 and showed a video of the historical city of Avignon and Palace des Pepes which hosted nine Popes.


The new board members of ECICW for 2019-2021 were elected. Brigitte Polonovski was elected as the President, Jamal Hermes, Lyudmila Porokhnyak and Umit Kabil as Vice Presidents, Magda De Meyer as a General Secretary and Martine Marandel as a Treasurer. It is also decided that Maria Rosa Artigas and Fatos Inal will be representing ECICW at the European Women’s Lobby and being Fatos Inal the representative and Maria Rosa Artigas the alternate.


May 22nd ECICW meeting continued with the reading of the national reports. Then, there was a panel on “Mainstreaming of women participation in decision making: international experience for Ukraine”, followed by discussions and adoption of recommendations on issues of gender policy, women’s rights protection and prevention of domestic violence. Iryna Kurowyckyj, representative of the ICW to the UN New York hosted the closure of the GA of the ECICW.


In the evening NCWU had organized a fantastic Gala Dinner at the Riverside Hotel. The speeches of Jungsook Kim, Cosima Schenk and Brigitte Polonovski revealed the hopes, dreams and challenges of the ICW and ECICW. On the 23rd May, the delegates went on a tour of the estate of Sofia Rusova. Sofia Rusova (1856-1940) a Ukrainian pedagogue, author, women’s rights advocate and political activist who spoke in support of Ukraine at conventions of the ICW, the International Woman Suffrage Alliance and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.


During the Assembly we learned on historical processes of the NCW of Ukraine since its foundation in 1919 and its operation renewal in 1999 as well as the rich cultural heritage of the country. We thank NCWU and its President Lydmyla Porokhnyak for having showered us with brilliant hospitality and wish them success in their work for advancement of women in Ukraine.



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