International Council of Women (ICW)
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Welcome to the website of the
International Council of Women (ICW)

Ever since the International Council of Women was established as the first international women’s NGO in 1888, we have made concerted efforts to promote gender equality.

For 130 years, the International Council of Women has remained as an active pioneer in promoting international women’s rights.

ICW has long been at the epicenter of the global women’s movement, improving the lives of virtually billions of women in every corner of the world.

It is essential that we not only continue the grand tradition, but that we also build upon it. Progress toward establishing equal opportunities for women so that they can reach their full potential is critical, not only for women themselves, but for society as a whole.

In Yogyakarta, Indonesia, for the 35th General Assembly from 13th to the 19th of September, 2019. We shared ideas for the advancement of women and adopted the new ICW triennial theme of “Social protection for women and girls: Sustainable development for the world” for the next three years. As the gender that bears, gives birth and nurtures life, women can transform the society through women’s caring and loving leadership. Now it is time that we, the women of the world, make all-out efforts to transform society through women’s empowerment.

ICW will continuously represent women’s voice along with promoting and protecting international human rights of women to make the world a safer and happier place for women.

Please join us in changing women’s lives for the better everywhere in the world.

Jungsook Kim (Ed.D)
President of ICW

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